Our Story

The idea and concept of “Let’s Talk Common Sense” came about when there were talks about passing “gun control” laws.

The term thrown around and being used was that “common sense” gun regulations needed to be passed.

The problem is that there are already regulations in place, and what was talked about was not common sense.

In the world today, foolish decisions are taking over. Decisions are being made without completely looking at all sides.

Outside the box” rational thinking is disregarded for “knee-jerk” nonsense.

What might work for one does not work for everyone.

What needs to happen is that there are discussions, viewed from all sides, before laws are passed, or more regulations added.

Let’s start having discussions about our freedoms.

Hopefully we can get back to when our represented officials cared about those they represent, and not winning the next election. 

Hopefully we can become the “Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave” again.

And finally, in all of our discussions, Let’s Talk Common Sense.

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